Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Everybody say, YEAH-YEAH! Make I yap 'am?

Welcome to FELA KUTI Afrobeat lyrics and music discussion blog...
We will be discussing FELA KUTI's "Yabis," his lyrics in the context of his Afrobeat music and how he coined new pidgin slangs in his songs lyrics that have help enrich the PIDGIN ENGLISH language vocabulary as spoken in West Africa. Other African musicians who sang using Pidgin English will also be discussed, but FELA KUTI's lyrics will be the primary focus of these blogs.

On these blogs, we will be selecting and using random FELA KUTI's songs lyrics to analyze and discuss. We will try to transcribe their meanings and also try to teach people who are trying to learn Pidgin English how to speak and express it. Suggestions of song lyrics from readers for discussion are also welcomed. Other reference materials including text, audio and video will be pulled in to enrich our experience.

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